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About Our Toughrack Server Racks

All Toughrack cabinets are built from Zintec, which is a material derived from electro-zinc coated steel sheet and coil. Combined with a lifetime warranty you can rest assured knowing you've got one of the strongest and most reliable server racks around. That, and they're pretty easy on the eyes.

Toughrack Cabinets

Toughrack produce a range of floorstanding server cabinets, available from sizes 9U to 47U. Complete with 19” adjustable mounting profiles front and back. Each rack has front and back quick release doors and lockable removable ventilated side panels. The standard colour is black, but bespoke colours are available.


Wallmounted Cabinets

Toughrack also have a range of wallmounted server racks that allow you to save space or to locate some of the smaller computer servers.


Hushracks – Soundproof Server Cabinets

Hushracks feature an improved acoustic design which reduces noise. It is possible to achieve up to 40dBa noise reduction, so are great in office environments. The entire rack is lined with specialised twin-layer acoustic foam and includes ultra-quiet fans. Hushracks are also available to be made in a wall-mounted configuration.

IP 54 Style – Dust and Water resistant Server Cabinets

Our IP54 style cabinets feature water resistant sealing and rubber Gaskets to combat water and dust ingress. This makes them perfect for use in the sort of high dust and damp areas that any normal rack would be unable to protect your valuable equipment from. The entire rack is sealed to an IP54 style rating and comes with an IP rated fan fitted as standard to keep internal temperatures at a manageable level, though additional fans can be fitted as required. Our IP style cabinets are also available in a wall-mounted configuration.